Songwriter/Vocalist Myah Marie has switched her focus from her own artistry as the lead singer of the band “My Crazy Girlfriend” (Capitol Records), to songwriting for the worlds most elite recording artists. After touring with major acts such as Jason Derulo & B.O.B (amongst others) she has now written for global pop stars ranging from Britney Spears, Lil Wayne & Erika Jayne to K-Pop princess Taeyeon (including her worldwide hit “I” which skyrocketed to #1 in over 13 countries and has surpassed well over 100 million streams). She has also been a featured vocalist/co collaborator on several major label Dance records (Avicii, Paris Blohm, Fancy Cars) and has been a background vocalist on over 15 records for Britney Spears. She is currently working alongside top writers (Justin Trantor, Sarah Hudson, Jesse Saint John) and major label up and coming artists such as Hailee Steinfeld, Hey Violet, Jack&Jack, AJ Mitchell and C.L., amongst many others.